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Now to really push my luck I rebooted again but this time I entered the advanced BIOS interface and made a few changes, such as disabling the ASUS splash screen on startup, disabling the serial port and other minor setting unrelated to overclocking.I exited the BIOS saving those changes and I've rebooted about five times now (combination of cold and hot reboots) and everything seems fine now.Mate your board needed to be RMA's from the get go.Either you have a defective board or your CPU is defective.It appears that for some reason my BIOS may have been corrupted at first and somehow enabling then disabling TPU reset it in a way that the CLRTC jumper couldn't.

If you are running a Sandy Bridge CPU and updated your BIOS to the newer BIOS for Ivy Bridge then you cannot flash a downgrade and your only option would be to replace the CMOS chip.I connected everything back up and rebooted just fine.I then installed Virtu and rebooted, again without a problem.Those are the ONLY two ways I have discovered which means I cannot go in and touch a single adjustment in the bios from default... I've lost count of HOW MANY TIMES I HAVE HAD TO REINSTALL THE OS JUST BECAUSE THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY NO WAY TO RECOVER IT from the mess this board makes of everything it touches.In my OPINION ASUS SHOULD BUY EVERY OWNER OF THIS SCREWED UP PRODUCT A NEW MOTHERBOARD OF THEIR CHOICE...there is no way anyone should have to pay for a 0 MB and have nothing but problems for years afterward..are supposed to be REFERENCE DAMN BOARDS AT THAT PRICE NOT PIECES OF JUNK!!!! I've not used anything other than Asus for the past 15 years but this really put me off, especially when they know how bad it was and never did anything to offer recompense to their customers, like a recall or upgrade discount, nothing....

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After updating m/b BIOS to 2.10 version my computer won't start.

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